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Outback Steakhouse, San Marcos, Texas [Mar. 12th, 2009|02:17 am]
San Marcos Community Journal.
This past weekend we got our tax refund in and went to 3 different places to eat. The first was Outback Steak House. We were seated fairly quickly even with a full waiting room when we walked up. Took a little while for our waiter to come to the table however and he was definitely the worst part of this dining experience. He acted nervous the whole time he was with us. Like he didn't know what to do with himself. By the end of the night my 10 year old had a name for him when he wasn't around - Ticking Travis. He clicked his pen a lot which was just plain annoying but when he didn't have a pen in his hand he was nervously fiddling with whatever was availible. It was highly distracting and most unpleasant. We did notice that after our meal was over, a pair of pretty college girls had just sat down near our table. Ticking Travis immediately took himself to their level, squatting down and one knee and visually seemed to relax. He did not do his very annoying ticking nervous habits in front of them. If he had been that way with us, the dinner would of been much more pleasant from the waiter relation stand point. He was a compitent waiter, but didn't do anything that made himself stand out as a great waiter and the nervous clicking habits were definitely a drawback.

Now on to the food. They had a cream onion soup that night. Having had cream onion soups before and having enjoyed them, I ordered the one at Outback. It disappointed big time. It was very greasy and peppery. It tasted more like the gravy from biscuits and gravy with a HINT of onion rather than an onion soup. The onion really played a minor role in this dish. It was so greasy it made me feel like it was more an oil change for my mouth rather than a soup to tickle the pallette. It's texture fell flat as well, it wasn't nearly as smooth as it could be. I had 3 maybe 4 bites before pushing it aside with no intention of eating another bite.

I ordered the shrimp and tenderloin meal for my main meal with a baked potatoe with sour cream only. The baked potatoe was perfect. Danity with enough sour cream for the whole potatoe, but not so much it was swimming in it. The tenderloin was ordered rare and came out cold. Not warm at all. So that was a little disappointing that it wasn't hot. However! It was like butter. Just melted in my mouth. A very good cut of meat, delicious, cooked perfectly, just the wrong temperature. And I'd rather it be a cold rare than a warm medium any day and warm rares are not the easiest steaks to make. The stuffed shrimp - what wasn't wrong with this dish? The shrimps were over cooked, hard and chewy. The stuffing was again way too greasy and would of overwhelmed the dish if it weren't for the fact that there was something in the stuffing that was incredibly sharp. Not hot spicey mind you, but sharp - much like a good sharp cheddar. It was a bit too sharp though. I could only eat one bite of stuffing before having to nibble on something else.

Using a 4 star scale I give thisOutback Steak House the following:

Quality of Service **
Quality of Food **.5
(Soup *, Baked Potatoe ****, Tenderloin ***, Shrimp **)
Accuracy of Description of Food ***.5
Overall Cleanliness****
Overall Atmosphere***
Friendliness of Staff**

Overall rating I would give it **.8 (2.8) Stars.

Would I recommend this resteraunt? Well if you are in the outlet malls and want a good nonfast food meal - yes. I would not recommend making a night surrounding the dining experience to be had here.

Cost of Dinner for a family of three: $48.74 Tip$7.32 (15%) Standard tip - Did not earn a penny more.